June 18, 2014

Child's Play

Children are a gift from the Lord ; they are a real blessing.  Psalms 127:3

Today I started a new design project. It is a children's theater whose business is thriving and they have the opportunity to expand into adjacent spaces. So off I went to measure the building to draw up plans for them to get a building permit.

Part of what I had to document is their existing space...and it is such a fun place!! There was one large class of children, I'm guessing ages 5-8, who were learning songs for a musical and they were so sweet I had to stop and just soak it in. Across the hall acting lessons were in progress and I was running improv lines through my head, writing myself into the scene as I tiptoed across and behind the set to measure the room. Then there was the room full of little costumes...dress up dream land!

I can easily see why they are successful!

What a gift it was to be surrounded by the joyous exuberance of all those children. The songs are still running through my mind and making me smile.

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