June 22, 2014

Moving On

and (Jesus) ordered them, “Don't take anything with you on your journey except a stick — no bread, no beggar's bag, no money in your pockets.  Wear sandals, but don't carry an extra shirt.”  He also said, “Wherever you are welcomed, stay in the same house until you leave that place.   Mark 6:8-10

It's that time of year when the Methodist church has its annual conference, and a time when many pastors have been packing to move. I didn't grow up in the Methodist church, so this is one tradition that I haven't really gotten used to.

Our pastor is one of those being moved. He and his wife knew there would be one more move in their ministry before retirement, but they weren't really expecting it to be this year. So it's hard. Hard for them, hard for a congregation that has been led for 7 years by them. And they are also our neighbors, three doors up.

Every time there is a pastoral move I think about this scripture.  Jesus sent the disciples out into the world to minister and share the Good News. They were to travel lightly, staying where they were received until it was time to move on.

Next Sunday will be their last Sunday with us. So today, what was good was not the fact that they are leaving, but the fact that they were here.

God speed and blessings to them and all those who are moving on.

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