June 16, 2014


I have confidence in your strength; you are my refuge, O God.   Psalms 59:9

It was Father's Day today. We has an out of town baseball tournament this weekend. We were able to spend the night at my husband's brother's house. All the guys got to go fishing this morning before heading out for games 3 and 4, an hour away.

It should have been a perfect day.

Instead, my son took a fast ball to the face when he was at bat, and we had to drive an hour to the hospital, where we spent another 4 hours being evaluated.

Some days you have to look harder for what was good.

I'm thankful Uncle Bob was with us at the field. He used to be a sports trainer for NC State, so he was able to evaluate my son immediately. I'm thankful that we didn't have any travel issues other than distance to get to the hospital. I'm thankful the ER wasn't over run and was able to get us back quickly.

And I'm thankful for a God who gives me strength...

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