May 28, 2014


He took the measuring rod and measured the east side, and it was 840 feet. Then he measured the north side, the south side, and the west side; each side had the same length, 840 feet,   Ezekiel 42:16-17

Yesterday was a 19 hour day that started at 4:00 AM and I realized this morning that I didn't get a post done! Oops! Even though it was a loonnng day it was a good one.

Today I continued measuring a large multi-tenant office building to be able to draw as-built plans for the building owner. It is an historic building that was once home to tobacco manufacturing, and when it was renovated to become office space they kept the exposed high ceilings, glass block windows, and other original details. It's really cool space and I love the feeling of connection to history. 

While there are parts where I still use a good old fashioned tape measure, mostly I use a laser tape to determine distances. It makes it go a lot faster and I'm able to measure everything by myself. I was interested to find this Scripture...imagine having to measure a large building with a rod! And yet, they were able to build the temple with all of its intricate details. God inspires every generation.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to document this building. And I'm thankful for the modern tools to get it done.

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