April 03, 2014

Empty Yet Full

"He leads me beside quiet waters, He restores my soul"  Psalm 23:2b,3

Today's family activity was fishing. We spent part of the day just the four of us. Didn't catch a thing but it's early in the season so I wasn't surprised. The best part about it was the time spent just...doing nothing! Sitting by the water in the warmth of the sun, no phones, no deadlines, no agenda. Just being together.

Evening came and we met up with some longtime friends to fish again. Their boys and ours are the same ages and we've all been friends since preschool days. Did we catch anything this time? No. But it didn't matter. We had a reason to get together and catch up. There's just something wonderful about spending time with people you have a shared history with, especially having watched your children grow up together. Lots of good memories!

So we spent the day fishing and not catching. But you know what? Sometimes it doesn't matter if your line comes up empty.  When you're surrounded by family and good friends your net will always be full.

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