April 08, 2014

The Joy of Children

"Children are a heritage from the Lord"  Psalm 127:3a

It was another day full of good things but the best of all was that today marked the first anniversary of adoption - or Gotcha Day - for a friend of mine. One year ago today she became Mommy to a beautiful little boy, adopted from China. She waited a long time to be a mom...I know what that feels like, even though our circumstances were different. The longing and waiting and not knowing if it will ever be is hard whether it's a biological child or an adopted one.

She posted two pictures today. One was a scared little boy from a year ago, unsure of what was happening in his world. The other was the same little guy today, bright eyes and a face full of joy!

My heart melted. It does every time I see that smile.

The joy of children...what's good about every day.   :)

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