April 02, 2014


"A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul..."  Proverbs 13:19a

It's Spring Break week for the boys and we are setting aside some much needed family time! My husband has been traveling extensively for work over the last three months. I mean exteeennnsssiiivvveeelllyyy. Across two time zones, which makes timing of a nightly phone call tricky. We're grateful for his job, and he loves what he does, but those long weeks away have been a little hard on us all. So it's nice to take some time off and enjoy some simple times together.

Tonight we went for ice cream. Waffle cones for them, a cup for me. All with a side of new inside jokes about door handles and banana splits and a big topping of just plain silliness (don't ask me to "move" unless you're prepared to see me dance. In public. On the sidewalk. It's a mother's job to embarrass her teenage boys... :)

As we settle in for the night I am filled with the joy of new memories, of time spent together just being. That, and some of the richest chocolate I've ever had.

Life is sweet.

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